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Toll Free: 1-866-616-2494


Our Mission:

An Independent Idea With Global Rewards


Our Vision:

To Establish A Network Of Marketers With A Common Focus And A Common Goal. Thus Embodying Sound Business Ethics And Convenience

About Us


The IPN and it's Members, are comprised of industry leading, privately owned fuel Marketers, throughout North America. 

  • Each Member manages their own billing and can keep their own companies fuelled up at many locations across Canada; making IPN more accessible and convenient than other fuel sharing networks.
  • Members benefit from the use of one card accross Canada.
  • All independently owned locations are well-maintained and most locations are there to serve you 24/7.
  • All Members of the IPN sign a Marketer agreement with either UPI Energy or FS Partners.

If you’re an independent marketer who is interested in joining the IPN network of associates, please follow the link to contact us.